Selected Work available online:

Guardian & The Chorus of Indestructible Emptiness, Yes Poetry, July 2019

Lineage, Mockingheart Review, July 2019

Ripple Effect, Visitant Lit, June 2019

Ghost Train Body, Sprout Club Journal, June 2019

Three Days In Joshua Tree, Sprout Club Journal, June 2019

Attachment Sites, Kettle Blue Review, June 2019

Resurrection In Blue, Bitter Zoet, April 2019

Promises, Arcturus, February 2019

Hiding & Little Tiny Wing, Peeking Cat Poetry, February 2019

Hymn To Ceres, Eternal Haunted Summer, July 2018

Inheritance, Rag Queen Periodical, May 2018

Mandorla, Childhood Bones, Midnight Prose, Deracine, May 2018

The Day I Knew I Would Have No More Children, Sheila-Na-Gig, March 2018

Your Last Breath Was Our Forgiveness, Ink, Sweat & Tears, April 2017

Arriving Into The World of My Body, The Quail Bell Magazine, April 2017

Uninvited Guests, Picaroon Poetry, March 2017

To Lift Darkness, Soul Lit, January 2017

The Path To Enlightenment, Alexandria Quarterly, Nov. 2016

Depression, Birmingham Arts Journal, Nov. 2016

Prayer Like A River, Aji Magazine, Nov. 2016

The Color of Transcendence, Visual Verse, Oct. 2016

Lay Split Open, A Zen Love Poem, Bird's Thumb, Oct. 2016

I Am, Mystic Illuminations, Sept. 2016

Eight of Cups, Shot Glass Journal, Sept. 2016

Salvation Army Shopping Experience, Waiting in The Lobby of My Psychologist's Office, Potluck Magazine, August 2016

Signs From The Universe, Morning Walk In Fishnets, All Roads Will Lead You Home, August 2016

Flesh, Corvus Review, July 2016

Signs From The Universe & Abandoned House, Slink Chunk Press, July 2016

The Moon & Leonora, Slink Chunk Press, June 2016

Keeper Of The Web, Fickle Muses, April 2016

How I Became, Firefly Magazine, Issue 5

She Who Carries The Seeds, Trivia, Voices of Feminism, Winter 2016

Primordial Mother, Narrative Northeast, January 2016

Your Last Breath Was Our Forgiveness, Cordella Magazine, Issue Four