Spiritual Healing

Reiki, Voice Dialogue, Expressive Arts, Energy work in the East Bay, San Francisco

Spiritual Healing addresses imbalance by compassionately tending to the needs of your Spirit.   Jennifer utilizes a variety of Spiritual healing modalities to help you on your path to wholeness.  She has extensive training in the realm of holistic, spiritual wellness and brings an eclectic blend of intuition and experiential knowledge to her sessions.  The modalities she uses in spiritual healing sessions are: soul retrieval, energy and chakra balancing, ritual, expressive arts,  Voice Dialogue, guided visualization and more.

Spiritual healing sessions are 1 hour, cost is $100

Soul Retrieval: Shamanic healing modality used to restore personal power and wholeness and address issues related to trauma, disassociation and other types of fragmentation due to past trauma (physical, emotional, spiritual or mental)

Energy & Chakra balancing: The use of Reiki, hands on energy healing, crystals, color and sound to restore holistic harmony

Ritual: Sacred ceremony done with a specific intention of healing or release, tailored to your needs

Expressive Arts: The use of art to explore the psychic landscape of the unconscious for the purpose of healing and integration

Voice Dialogue: A consciousness modality used to develop deeper awareness and wholeness.  Also to integrate disowned aspects of the psyche and to gain a more compassionate relationship with all parts of your psyche.

Guided Visualization: A meditation process where you are guided in a relaxed state to visualize experiences which have a positive or healing affect on your overall state of well-being.  

Home or Business Space Clearing and Blessing