Pneuma by Jennifer Lothrigel

Jennifer Lothrigel is an image weaver - pointing you toward a truth you didn't realize was there, causing you to reflect on the inner workings of your soul. The mind instinctively revisits these images, drawing you toward truths lying dormant and deep in the soul, waiting to be unfurled. - Julia Renee

JenniferLothrigel's Pneuma forges a sensually intimate language of passionate, deeply felt imagistic poems that move one from the small tight confines of the human body into the majestic reality of moonlight, waters, stone, grasses and the web of light which connects us all to time and context within our Universe. - Jared Smith

These poems tell the story of one woman's life... her pain, her survival, and her resurrection. They follow in the tradition of Muriel Rukeyser (1968) who wrote, "What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open." They remind me of the round depth and warmth of Adrienne Rich's writings. Jennifer Lothrigel's words are gently unruly. They tell of a strong woman, solidly rooted deep in the earth, and all the while, fiercely connected to the stars and clouds and dark sky. This is not only her story, but the story of Woman. A beautiful collection. - Nancy Young, PhD