Buddha In The Rubble

An excerpt from my poem titled 'Buddha In The Rubble', currently published at Cicatrix Publishing
Which I wrote to go along with this photo.

"If I fall apart
I'll dig through the bones of the wreckage,
find my wish granting remains,
try hard to break of the larger half."...

I took this photo on a photography day trip at an abandoned military residential complex in the desert. I wanted to find an abandoned playground but when I saw the pile of broken concrete I knew this was the place for the mask to come to life. I purchased the mask a few days prior at the Tet Festival.  I asked my friend to put the mask on and use her whole body to laugh.
The resulting photo speaks to me deeply about letting go when things have crumbled.
We continually build anew, we adapt, we get wiser with more respect for impermanence and a new intimacy with the things that actually matter.