Signs From The Universe

In July of 2013 I attended an improvisational dance training in Tucson, AZ.  On one of the days I was lead on an odd visual journey that I wrote about in my poem 'Signs From The Universe' which is currently published in the literary journal 'All Roads Will Lead You Home.  You can read it here.

The journey began, as I said in my poem, with me leaving my hotel and seeing a photographer doing a photo shoot with a woman in a nun outfit and high heels.  She was in the corner of a stucco building and there was harsh contrasting shadows from the building framing her body.

On my way to dance class I passed a boot store that had been long out of business.  The sign outside intrigued me.  I got out to photograph it and I saw that the makings of the word 'Self Care' remained.  

self care sign 3.jpg

At my feet, beneath the sign, there was a letter S.  This is the kind of experience where life is a moving metaphor.

At lunch time, I went to The DeGrazia Gallery and spent some time in the shrine.  I am eternally intrigued by contrast and the visual opposition of the Mother Mary shrine to the nun from the morning, was very inspiring to me.  Here are some photos of the Mary Shrine from the DeGrazia Gallery.